A selection of artifacts representing Strategic UX activities 
An Ishikawa diagram simply outlining one company's UX strategy, relating the tangible threads & activities that contribute towards making that strategy a reality
Textual explanation of one company's UX strategy, setting out the tangible activities that contribute, or are needed to move the team towards making that strategy a reality
Various documents that communicate UX activities and UX issues to various members of a company's Executive Team stakeholders
High level designs for a product that sets out the far future of a product to work through and help explain the future vision of the product experience to the Founders, CTO & Executive Team
Self directed Service Design activity and artifacts to help identify and refine the entire customer's experience - where the main artifact is socialised to gather engagement and solutions to distinct plunges in customer experience and customer satisfaction
International thought leadership to product teams globally:
Speaking at conferences to share ideas, successes in methodology and techniques and engage attendees at workshops in real world UX.
Mentoring and coaching: lecturer at The imperial College and a UXPA UK Mentor

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